Comité de Spéléologie
des Alpes Maritimes
(CDS 06)

Maison régionale des sports
Immeuble Esterel Gallery, 809 Bd des Ecureuils, 06210 MANDELIEU, FRANCE
office: 04 92 97 46 85
tel: 06 77 14 75 20

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Who Are We?

The Comité Départemental de Spéléologie des Alpes Maritimes (CDS 06) is a society created in 1968, aimed at regrouping the cavers and the caving clubs of the département. The CDS 06 is the local representative of the Fédération Française de Spéléologie (FFS).
The mailist is a collective address for all your contacts with the CDS06. Or you can directly contact our representatives listed below.

Map of the site

  • The Alpes-Maritimes Karsts
  • Official texts and Minutes
  • Activities
  • The directories
  • Links

  • The Staff:

    Eric Madelaine
    10 Chemin de Cambarnier Nord, 06650 OPIO, tel: ( 33) 4-93-42-15-42 ou 6-87-47-99-80
    Vice President
    Jean-Claude Marie
    18 rue de l'abbée Grégoire, 06000 NICE, tel: ( 33) 4-93-88-29-28
    Frédéric Bonacossa
    tel: ( 33) 4-92-95-52-36
    Michel Beghin
    13 ch de la Halte, 06130 Le Plan de Grasse

    The Committees

    All committee pages are only available in french, sorry (update: AG March 2003).

  • Library: Michel Isnard
  • Canyon: Jean-Louis Guilleman
  • Environment: Vincent Kulesza
  • Cave Database: Michael Loli
  • Equipement: None
  • Diving: Bernard Giai-Checa
  • Professional: Gilles Charles
  • Public relations:Laétitia Abraham
  • Publications: None
  • Rescue: Bernard Barbier
  • Teaching: Loic Guillon
  • Technical Staff

    Jean-Louis Guilleman : Conseiller Technique Jeunesse et Sport "Spéléo et Canyon" pour la région Sud-Est.
    Brevet d'état spéléo
    Giovanni Ferrone : Cadre Technique pour le CDS et l'École Départementale de Spéléo. Sous contrat d'emploi-jeune.

    Mailing lists

    Two mailing lists are available:
  • is an alias for all CDS 06 officials and staff.
  • is an alias for all connected cavers of the Alpes-MAritimes (including the officials above).

  • Clubs of the Alpes Maritimes

    With contact people...


    Short Directory

    You will find below the coordinates of most CDS officials, and club presidents.


    Our Publications

    The CDS edits (more details here) :
  • The Lettre d'Info du CDS 06, distributed to the clubs every 2 or 3 months.
  • The Bulletin de Liaison du CDS 06, published irregularily since 1972.
  • In 1985, the "Inventaire des cavités des Alpes-Maritimes" (4 volumes), alas no longer available.
  • In 2000, the Inventaire des cavités du massif du Marguareis (french area).

  • Actions

    In addition of the regular activities of its committees, the CDS has specific actions at the département level. They are actions in favor of the whole caving community, or actions in which the CDS acts as the official representative of all cavers in front of external entities (administrations, compagnies, etc)

  • Bornes de pointage sur le Marguareis (refs: Bulletin de Liaison du CDS 06 #9, 1997; also in Spelunca #61 pp8-12, 1996)
  • Synthèse Spéléologique du bassin d'alimentation de la Source de Bramafan, Mai 1995 (leaflet available at CDS 06)
  • Natura 2000, site PR74 (Préalpes de Grasse), 1999-2000
  • Equipement of caves with permanent bolts.
  • Convention for the access control of the grotte de la Mescla

  • Links

    Here is a list of Web links for various structures of the French Caving Federation (FFS), and a number of other nice sites:

    FFS Caving sites

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